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We are seeking your support to help fund the making of the full feature documentary through a Documentary Australia Foundation crowdfunding campaign.


"Pockets of Hope" will shed light on the historic and - to some - surprising, movement among a young generation of non-Jewish Poles to restore Jewish culture in Poland. "We need to take care of the memory" says one Polish woman. “We have this sense of responsibility,” says another.


This unexpected but inspiring phenomenon was discovered when film-maker Judy Menczel travelled to Poland with cinematographer Paul Green and musicians Fay Sussman and the Klezmer Divas .

Our experiences were eye-opening and the story we brought back must be told.


Your donation - of whatever size - will allow the vital post-production phase of the movie to proceed. 


Your help  will be gratefully acknowledged  in various credits.


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Tax Deductibe Donation - Documentary Foundation Australia